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 Session Ia
  • Steven Specht, Utica College, “Konokol and Kernels of Corn: The Complexity of Communicating Rhythmic Patterns”

  • Dave Roberts, Utica College, “The Healing Road: How Movement, Music and Nature Can Help Us Resolve Ambiguity and Improve Human Capability and Performance”

  • Jason Wiens & Isabelle Groenhof, University of Calgary, “Sound Pedagogies: Interventions in the Audio Archive”



 Session IIa
  • “Silence, Sound, Image, and Performance Images”

  • • Nathan Long, Stockton University • Terry Moore, Independent Scholar


  Session IIb
  • Gregory Michna, “Archival Silences and the Rhythm of Everyday Life: Reconstructing the Childhood of Stephen Williams, 1694-1704”

  • Mary Ruth Wallen, Big Sandy Community and Technical College, “Music, Memory, and Mournful Performance in Hardy’s Unexpected Elegies Thomas Hardy’s Unexpected Elegies”

  • •L. Patrick Burrows, Harvard University, “‘I had to have this talk with you’: Dolly Parton and the Hospitality of Silence at Dollywood”



  Session IIIa
  • Theresa Flanigan, The College of Saint Rose, “Performing Woman’s Speech in Renaissance Florence: Lucrezia Tornabuoni’s Sacred Narratives”

  • Leslie Boldt, Brock University, “Unintelligibility, Invisibility, Inaudibility: The Search for Meaning in Silence”

  • Amalia Oswald, Virginia Commonwealth University, “Women, Action, and Satire in Frances Burney’s Evelina”

Session IIIb
  • “Silence, Sound, Rhythm, and Performance, An Instillation”

    • Lee Simmons, Middle Georgia State University

    • Charlie Agnew, Middle Georgia State University, “Calligraphic Line Series”

  • Daniel J. King, Ohio University, “NEW OLD IMAGES: Reconsidering Personal and Forgotten Photographs”



 Session IVa
  • Susan Cumings, The University at Albany, SUNY, “Listen Louder: Disabled YouTubers, Counterpublics, and Relational Ethics.”

  • William P. Boyce, University of Virginia, “Pop Cultural Icon/-ography: A Queer Triptych of Tragic Desire”

  • Nathan Long, Stockton University, “Coming Out in Silence”


 Session IVb
  • Julia Finch, Morehead State University, “Rhythm in the Making: Chester Cornett and His Rocking Chairs”

  • Juanita Dixon, Eagle Arts Academy, “Providing a Voice for Appalachia’s Silenced Art Students”

  • Barbara Kutis, Indiana University, “The Performance of Parenting in the Video Art of Guy BenNer.”

6​:30-8:00pm Plenary


Open Mic

  • Mary Ann Janda

  • Floyd Miklic

  • Daniel King

  • Dave Roberts

  • Nathan Long

  • Catherine Swender

  • Steven Specht



  Session Ia
  • Russell Fail and Amy Smith, Purdue University Global, “The Banana We Eat Today is Not the Bananas Our Grandparents Ate”

  • Keith W. Hamon, Middle Georgia State University, “The Rhythm of Community in the College Classroom”

  • Dan Thero, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “Life in Simulation? An End to the Rhythm and Performance of Life or Much Sound and Fury?”

 Session Ib
  • “Silence, Sound, Image, and Performance Images”

    • Amy Tudor, Bellarmine University • Linnéa Franits



 Session IIa
  • John Phillips, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, “Gerald Murnane at the Border”

  • Jennifer Caseldine-Bracht, Purdue University Global, “Martha Nussbaum: Emotions, Passion, and Care”

  • Emily Moore, King’s College, London, “Urban Rhythm and Identity in the works of Virginia Woolf”

 Session IIb
  • Catherine Swender, Spring Hill College, “‘Hear Me, Cease to Speak, That I May Speak’: Poetic Conversations with Silence”

  • Dean Thompson, Presbyterian College, “Taking Them Forward with Silent Film”

  • Stefan Wiecki, Presbyterian College, “Creative Pedagogy in Practice: Students Create Documentaries and Escape Rooms”



 Session IIIa

  • Brett Bebber, Old Dominion University, “Revisiting Racism in Modern Football: the Mesut Ozil Controversy and Apologetic Performance”

  • Kevin P. Morris II, Syracuse University, “Soundscaping Trauma: Coping with Black (Male) Vulnerability in the Age of Mass Incarceration”

  • Guy V. Beckwith, Auburn University, “The Machine Takes Center Stage: Images of Technology in Ancient Greek Drama”

Session IIIb
  • Jane Blanchard, Independent Scholar, “The Variable Villanelle”

  • Raymond Boisvert, Siena College, “Albert Camus: Silence, Nihilism, Love”

  • Esther Murillo-Miklic, The College of Saint Rose, “Don Quijote’s Journey from Literature to the Arts”

  • Ali Aljohani, Independent Scholar, “Language Maintenance or Shift? A Sociolinguistic Investigation into the Use of Arabic Language in USA”



 Session IVa
  • Ali Aljohani, Independent Scholar, “To Be Polite, You Should Follow These Principles! Politeness and Pragmatic Competence of Saudi Learners of English: An Inter-cultural Analysis”

  • Chingshun J. Sheu, National Taiwan Normal University, “Cinema as Deep Healing: Sound, Silence, Rhythm, and Performance in Christopher Makoto Yogi’s Film “August at Akiko’s”

  • Myra Mendible, Florida Gulf Coast University, “Moments of Silence Amid the Din of War: Brian Turner’s My Life as a Foreign Country”

 Session IVb
  • Roberta Wall, Independent Scholar, “Connection Through Silence” •Floyd Miklic, Independent Scholar, “Social Anxiety”

  • W.E. Gray, Independent Scholar, “Home Cooks and Culinary Performance”

​7:00-8:00 Plenary


The Forrest Shearon and Percy Miller Memorial Event


  • River Guerguerian, Percussionist

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