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 Session Ia
  • Amanda Bruce, Florida Polytechnic University, “Transforming Children’s Play into Serious Business during Radio’s Golden Age”

  • Asbjørn Grøstad, University of Bergen, “Songs of Faith and Devotion: Low’s Double Negative (2018) and the Poetics of Opacity”

  • Øyvind Vågnes, University of Bergen, “Face and Mask: Preliminary Reflections on Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen (2019) ​

Session Ib
  • Theresa Flanigan, The College of St. Rose, “Humors and the Humorous: The Scientific and Social Significance of the Grotesque Body in Renaissance Art”

  • Marshall Bruce Gentry, Georgia College, “Reconsidering Flannery O’Connor’s Grotesque and Predicting the Future of O’Connor Studies”



 Session IIa

Poetry and Fiction Readings

  • Nathan Long, Stockton University

  • Catherine Swender, Spring Hill College

  • Patricia Waters, Troy University


  Session IIb
  • Gregory Michna, Arkansas Tech University, “Reverence and Obedience: Stephen Williams’s Moderate Loyalism and Revolutionary Stirrings in the Connecticut River Valley”

  • Annelle Curulla, Scripps College, “Profane Recreations: Religious Masquerade on the French Street and Stage”



  Session IIIa

“Negotiating the Sacred and Profane in the Visual and Performing Arts”

  • Kaia L. Magnusen, University of Texas at Tyler

  • D.L. Simmons, University of Texas at Tyler

  • Kathryn Robinson, University of Texas at Tyler, “Francisco Goya’s Burial of the Sardine: Exploring Enlightenment Ideals During a Pious Rule”

Session IIIb
  • Brett Bebber, Old Dominion University, “No Reverence for British Traditions: The Government’s Discovery of Black Migrant Life in Postwar Britain”

  • Kristi L. Anderson, Louisiana State University, “A Systemic and Systematic Approach and Understanding of Educating African Americans and How it has Affected Interest and Entry in Today’s Medical Schools”

  • Yasmeen Chism, New York University, “Black Presence and Black Dis/ Placement in North Carolina’s Piedmont Region”



 Session IVa
  • C. Wylie Lenz, Florida Polytechnic University, “R&B, Revelry, and Respectability Politics: The Music of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins”

  • Laura Nieves, Tulane University, “Finding Caímoní: Afro-Puerto Rican Women Transforming Identity Through Bomba as a Music of Resistance in the Diaspora”

  • Jasleen Kohli, Johnson C. Smith University, “Transformation and Self- Reflection in Sandra Cisneros’ Woman Hollering Creek and Iruka Maria Toro’s The Iruka Elvis Spell”

 Session IVb
  • Linnéa Franits, Utica College, “This is My Body, Broken for Who?: Disability and Celebration”

  • Susan Cumings, University at Albany, SUNY, “Madness and Revelry and Reverence: Lessons from the Treatment of Hearing Voices in the BBC Series River (2015)”

  • Nathan Long, Stockton College, “Focus Pocus: The Magic of (Un)Focusing and the Creative Process”

6​:30-8:00pm Plenary


Open Mic

  • Steven Specht

  • Catherine Swender

  • Esther Murillo-Miklic

  • Mary Ann Janda

  • Nathan Long

  • Floyd Miklic

  • Paige Erickson



  Session Ia
  • Gilbert Jones, Case Western Reserve University, “Movement, Piety, and an Explosion: The Medieval Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Processions in Florence”

  • Jason R. Denman, Utica College, “Reverential Rhyme: A Close Reading of Donne’s Holy Sonnet 5 (1633)”

  • Lucy Bowditch, College of St. Rose, “Meaning and Crisis in Emil Nolde’s Pentecost (1909)”

 Session Ib​
  • Floyd Miklic, “The Dow Jones: Are We Entering Another Roaring Twenties?”

  • Esther Murillo-Miklic, “Agustín de Salazar y Torres: his Life, Early Works, and First Comedia, Elegir al Enemigo”

  • Keith Hamon, Middle Georgia State College, “Reverence, Revelry, and the Southern Humanities Conference”



 Session IIa
  • Rachel Dressler, University of Albany, “Sex on the Edge: Sexuality on the Margins of Medieval Art”

  • Xabier Granja, University of Alabama, “Irreverent Sexualities: Religion, Law and Gendered Immorality in Early Modern Spain”

  • Catherine Swender, Spring Hill College, “Revelry and Reverence in Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”

 Session IIb
  • Mary Ann Janda, Utica College, “Why am I Laughing, and Why Can’t I Stop”

  • Steven Specht, Utica College, “High Priests and Acid Tests: Reverence and Revelry in the Context of LSD Experiences”

  • Jaclyn Maraldo, Tulane University, “Charivari and Mardi Gras: Sinners and Saints in Francophone North America”



 Session IIIa

  • Roxane Pickens, University of Miami, “Festive Correctives and Playful Inscriptions: Claiming Black Revelry and Joy with Harlem Renaissance Artists”

  • Delphine Leone Ngoko Djomo, University of Miami, “From Bondage to Beychella: the Significance of Artistic Revelry and Entertainment to the Salvation of Black Folk”

Session IIIb
  • Paige Erickson, Purdue University Global, “Adventures in the Hungarian Language: A Revelry of Failure and a Reverence for Fourty-Four Letters”

  • Leslie Anne Boldt, Brock University, “Mapping Fear and Awe Within and Beyond the Bounds of ‘Outsider’ Art”



 Session IV
  • Mark Ledbetter, “Beholden”

​7:00-8:00 Plenary


The Forrest Shearon and Percy Miller Memorial Event


  • Alice Friman, Poems from Blood Weather

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